The McLaughlin Group,TMG, recognizes their good fortune and has always strived to give back to the community. With two members of the group graduates of Agoura High School, the team has always supported the school through donations to the athletic program, coaching and fundraising. TMG has also supported The Cancer Support Community, formerly The Wellness Community, KW Cares and a variety of local sports programs.

As part of a “no cost giving” program, TMG, has combined efforts with the Community Funding Solutions. The idea is simple, use TMG in your next real estate transaction and ask them to support the cause in which you believe and a substantial referral fee will be donated to that deserving cause. Just one real estate transaction can result in a substantial gift as TMG has formally pledged to donate 20% of their sales commission in your name to your charity of choice. 

For more information go to www.communityfundingsolutions.com